Linux Lazy Newb Pack

A small package to get people started with Dwarf Fortress on linux.

Get Started...

Firstly identify which version of your linux distribution you are using. If you are using a x64 bit system then you should download the x64 PyLNP interface, and 32 bit should download i686 PyLNP interface. If you are using Debian/Ubuntu/mint/red Hat, you should download the Python Qt 5 version, if you are using CentOS/Arch/Gentoo/slackware you should download the Python Qt 4 version. You can type "gcc -v" to findout which version of GNU Compiler Collection you have installed.

Default Linux Option:

Other Linux Options:

QT5 Versions of Dwarf Therapist

QT4 Versions of Dwarf Therapist

Package Version Update Info:

Update: 20th, November 2014, R1 - Updated DF to v0.40.16, added dfhack v0.40.16 r1, updated graphics, updated DT memory layouts, updated PyLNP to 0.8b

Included Mods

Release notes for 0.40.16 (November 12, 2014):

The purpose of this release is to make stress from long-term separation due to goblin snatching less severe and to stop attackers from always winning in post-world-generation non-player battles. The fix for the latter could not be done cleanly at this time, so the battle readouts in legends are a little off compared to the ones from world-gen, but defenders are very often successful now. I also fixed some missing aunts/uncles/cousins in the listing of relatives.

Credits & Special Thanks

If I forgot people, please let me know and I'll include them in the list.