Linux Lazy Newb Pack

A small package to get people started with Dwarf Fortress on linux.

Before you get started!

There is a bug with this version of DF 40.15, please use the one before or after. (also why there are few downloads for it)

Get Started...

Firstly identify which version of your linux distribution you are using. If you are using a x64 bit system then you should download the x64 PyLNP interface, and 32 bit should download i686 PyLNP interface. If you are using Debian/Ubuntu/mint/red Hat, you should download the Python Qt 5 version, if you are using CentOS/Arch/Gentoo/slackware you should download the Python Qt 4 version. You can type "gcc -v" to findout which version of GNU Compiler Collection you have installed.

Current Linux Download:

Package Version Update Info:

Update: 10th, November 2014, R1 - Updated DF to v0.40.15, added dfhack v0.40.15 r1, updated graphics DT

Included Mods

Release notes for 0.40.15 (November 5, 2014):

Here's another release with bug fixes and small changes to brighten your day.

Major bug fixes
  • Made growing trees update cave-in and light information properly
  • Handled stress counter timing properly in adv mode
  • Stopped nerve check from bypassing broken parts between thought center and body roots
  • Stopped part from being pulped if inner nervous tissue is not detached
  • Made pulped parts bleed properly
  • Stopped crash from trying to place unit in proper connected component of crowded retired fort
  • Fixed reversed inside/outside check for outdoor refuse hauling

Other bug fixes/tweaks
  • Animals that can escape from cages no longer brought by traders
  • Made reactions try to guess how their containers will be filled to stop problems with brewing large stacks etc.
  • Small coin stacks can no longer be stuffed into non-containers
  • Small coin stacks no longer pass through opponents
  • Stopped tantrum dwarves from checking burrows for fistfights
  • Changed tantrum action frequency
  • Being in an owned site makes bogeyman not an issue
  • Made ballista arrow heads and ballista arrows have edges
  • Added ability to trade everything in the depot from either column
  • Made column widths even in trade view and abbreviated strings differently
  • Added select visible and select category to bring-to-depot menu
  • Added totems to crafts tab of bring-to-depot screen
  • Added a few categories to the kitchen menu
  • Alphabetized stone and kitchen menus
  • Added magma-safe indicator to stone menu
  • Made encrust jobs respect furniture tools
  • Cannot go into specific encrust menus if selected gem not available for encrust
  • Dead dwarves removed from burrow count
  • Made toggle button update properly when moving unit labor view to non-laborer
  • Fixed a problem causing the right edge of the embark world map to disappear, including the cursor
  • Fixed location of cursor in minimap for resized windows
  • Made DOES_NOT_EXIST exclude creatures from certain lists properly
  • Stopped stress reactions from being applied to unintelligent critters
  • Stopped stress reactions of hidden creatures from being announced
  • Fixed many typos (Gorobay)
  • Updated description for pulping so it doesn't say "bruised" etc.
  • Fixed broken artifact thought text
  • Stopped immortality goal from having a broken display in thoughts
  • Properly recognized multiple embark minecarts of the same material
  • Slowed down tantrum/mood/etc. indicators
  • Stopped zombies from interrupting your sleep to ask if they can help you with something
  • Increased default embark points to compensate for more default equipment (stepladder etc.)
  • Allowed deletion of first uniform
  • Stopped crafts brought by traders from satisfying craft mandates
  • Made weather init option clear up weather properly instead of just turning off the global simulation

Credits & Special Thanks

  • @andrewd18 Andrew Dorney made the awesome linux LNP isntaller script
  • @amfournda Created a great gentoo fix script included in the pack
  • @Captain Duck
  • @Daveralph continued working on LNP after Dricus
  • @DricusDirk Groot is the creator of the cross platform LNP port
  • @DwimenorCreated a workaround for LNP, as well as providing linux support
  • @fricyMaintains the MacNewbie pack Reborn as well as supporting essential gaphic repo
  • @joelpt Joel Thornton Created Quickfort 2.x
  • @LucasUP Lucas Paquette made the orginal windows LNP
  • @splintermind Josh, part time wizard works dilligently on Dwarf Therapist
  • @PeridexisErrant
  • @Pidgeot Michael is a Founding developer of PyLNP
  • @runrobotrun Created Chromafort
  • @Zweistein Created Soundsense

If I forgot people, please let me know and I'll include them in the list.