Linux Lazy Newb Pack

A small package to get people started with Dwarf Fortress on linux.

Get Started...

Firstly identify which version of your linux distribution you are using. If you are using a x64 bit system then you should download the x64 PyLNP interface, and 32 bit should download i686 PyLNP interface. If you are using Debian/Ubuntu/mint/red Hat, you should download the Python Qt 5 version, if you are using CentOS/Arch/Gentoo/slackware you should download the Python Qt 4 version. You can type "gcc -v" to findout which version of GNU Compiler Collection you have installed.

Linux Download

x64 PyLNP Interface

i686 PyLNP Interface


Included Mods

Dwarf Fortress v0.40.14 Release notes:

Here is the next release. The focus was not bugs this time, but rather completing the work started on emotions as well as basic fruit harvesting. A note -- adding stepladders to old saves was not possible, so you'll have to wait for a new world for those. Fallen fruit can still be gathered in old saves using the new plant gathering zones. Dwarves in old saves have also had their current thoughts wiped clean to make way for the new emotion/circumstance pairs. —Toady One, October 25, 2014

Major bug fixes

Other bug fixes/tweaks

Credits & Special Thanks

If I forgot people, please let me know and I'll include them in the list.