Linux Lazy Newb Pack

A small package to get people started with Dwarf Fortress on linux. Take some time to look over the forum posting about the package as well.

Get Started...

Firstly identify which version of your linux distribution you are using. If you are using a x64 bit system then you should download the x64 PyLNP interface, and 32 bit should download i686 PyLNP interface. All Packages in this version will be using DFhack GCC 4.5.4 QT4 DT.

Default Linux Option:

Other Linux Options:

QT4 Versions of Dwarf Therapist

i686 PyLNP Interface

Package Version Update Info:

Update: 28st, Mar 2015

R0 - Updated DF to v0.40.24, added dfhack v0.40.24 r0, updated graphics, DTv30.1

R1 - dfhack v0.40.24 r1, TWBT 5.42, updated graphics

R2 - dfhack v0.40.24 r2, updated Pidgeot's PyLNP to 0.9.2a, updated graphics.

R3 - updated Pidgeot's PyLNP 0.9.5a Lazy Newb Pack Python interface, updated Dwarf Therapist to v31, Text Will Be Text 5.43, some bug fixes from @miffedmap and @lethosor Thank you so much bug slayers!

Included Mods

Release notes for 0.40.24 (January 7, 2015):

another release with fixes. Old saves are compatible, but there will be some error logs due to minor issues with the old raws. These logs can be ignored, but old saves will still experience problems like blank seed names.

Major bug fixes

Other bug fixes/tweaks

Release notes for 0.40.23 (December 21, 2014):

I've sorted out the "camp forever" errorlog message many of you have probably seen. Once dwarf/adventure mode began, there was a misflagging that caused various armies to lose their way. It doesn't directly affect invaders camping between marches, but armies lost to the bug (on their way home, for instance, or attacking villages) wouldn't be available for invasions later. This doesn't affect refugee groups that have nowhere to go... they still hang out and sleep all day.

Major bug fixes

Other bug fixes/tweaks

Release notes for 0.40.22 (December 19, 2014):

This fixes some large and small problems with yesterday's release. Save corruption was quite possible, so upgrading is important! You can still bring your old saves from 0.40.03+ into this new version.

Major bug fixes

Other bug fixes/tweaks

Release notes for 0.40.21 (December 19, 2014):

Here is the job priorities release. It should work fine with old saves, though existing hauling jobs may need to work themselves out for a bit. Further job prioritization work can be done when we get through the framework for start scenarios, since we'll better understand how dwarves fit into the fortress at that time.

New stuff

Major bug fixes

Other bug fixes/tweaks

Release notes for 0.40.20 (December 18, 2014):

I added some different mining designations -- gems only (in the selected area as usual, unhidden tiles), economically useful only (including gems), and an automated designation that spreads to the same material when a job finishes. This can't be placed on layer-wide walls (so you don't mine out all the chalk in the universe), but it can be placed on walls which are part of large oval clusters (which the dwarf will proceed to mine out entirely), vein walls and small cluster walls. Road and wall/etc. construction jobs use two skill-free labor settings now, since skill didn't matter for constructions anyway.

Let's see... jobs that are assigned in workshops can swipe items from haul jobs now, provided the hauler doesn't make it to the item before the item is needed. I've also replaced the grab-a-container-and-then-collect-pile-items haul jobs with the ability for dwarves to haul multiple items without a container (as in fruit picking). The piece that's still missing is the use of a wheelbarrow to avoid, for example, dwarves staggering around with tons of bars, but I'm going to put that off since it could be a quagmire. This hauling change only applies to the stockpile container jobs (bin/bag/barrel), since it was the one that caused the most trouble for people and other jobs are more difficult to adapt.

Credits & Special Thanks

If I forgot people, please let me know and I'll include them in the list.